A Little About Me

I am a creative consultant with +10 years experience living in New York specializing in branding, digital strategy and creative content.

I have deep understanding and experience working with female-centric companies and female run startups in San Francisco and New York.  My goal is to weave a visual journey for clients at any stage of growth, whether just starting out or looking to breathe new life into an existing brand or cause. Passionately creating meaningful and culturally relevant stories for brands across content, social and occasionally experiential. I believe that digital marketing strategy, branding and content can and should always creates real conversations with an authentic point of view.

I have a modern outlook, I love to collaborate, and  I take deep ownership of all my projects from start to finish. The past 10 years have brought me into collaborations with; launching of Loho Bride SF & LA, teaming with Artist Suzy Kellems Dominik and Tokyo International Art Fair.  I have launched countless female run brands and stores, Kamperett, Kathryn McCarron and In Fiore, to name a few. Simultaneously, I have personally launched HER SOCIETY, a platform to explore the art of being female through relevant and inclusive content, with over 10k followers.  Just last year I was asked to collaborate on Simple Goods, a curated store and year long pop-up in Williamsburg to help bring some of my skills and creativity to life in a tangible way. This project ended February 2019.

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Co- Founder

Jan 2018 to Jan 2019

Simple Goods is a concept store in Williamsburg bringing together female artisans, designers and creators.  I was responsible for the all branding, website design and social roll out as well as all the in-store buying, merchandising and executing events for the space.  This project ended Feb. 1, 2019 and is no longer my creative.

“ Curated for your home ( and you.) “


Feb 2016 to present

HER Society celebrates woman. We are fostering authentic relationships, harboring meaningful connections, and educating our audience with unique media and forward thinking content. Our mission is to bring a diverse group of women around the world together in conversation.

“ A place to exploring the art of being female."


Jun 2009- present

After years of modeling and retail, I realized I was looking for a place to pour my creative, intellectual mindset and skills into.  I decided to branch out on my own to starting to work as a new generation branding, digital strategy freelance consultant.

“ Collaborate, Cultivate, Create”