A Little About Me

Linden Van Cantfort is a Branding and Social Media Consultant. With +10 years branding and social media vet with experience working with female-centric companies, fashion brands and startups in San Francisco and New York.  She helps weave a visual journey for her clients at any stage of growth, whether just starting out or looking to breathe new life into an existing brand or idea.

Linden Van Cantfort is a born and bred in San Francisco now living in New York. She specializes in social media management, content creating, and brand care-taking for an array of clients. Overseeing content calendars, creating content and bringing the content to life. She currently manages a number of client accounts across a number of mediums helping tell her clients personal story and conveying their message. Linden has grown a number of client following, launched countless accounts and brands and stayed on board as a consultant for more than half of her clients.

She understands clients needs a modern outlook in today’s digital world and she strives to be anything but traditional. Taking ownership of projects from start to finish helping produce real goals, follows a realistic approach to brand budget and bandwidth limitations, plus keeps a healthy communication open to connect with her clients. Her work has brought her into collaborations with Loho Bride's launch in San Francisco and now LA, she was part of the small team that helped grow Artist Suzy Kellems Dominik's social media audience by over +200%, as well as bring the artist to such shows as Art Basel Miami and Tokyo International Art Fair. She finds great pride in actualizing her passion project, HER SOCIETY from a dream to a well known platform of more than 10k followers. Simultaneously, last year Linden collaborated on Simple Goods, a curated store and year long  project in Williamsburg to help bring some of her skills and creativity to life in a tangible way. Her unique life experiences has helped her manifest a diverse understanding of how to build a modern brand and media presence. This all bond together by the belief and mantra "Collaborate + Cultivate + Create."

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Co- Founder

Jan 2018 to present

Simple Goods is a concept store in Williamsburg bringing together female artisans, designers and creators. This opportunity fell in my lap when a former client asked if I wanted to partner and start the store as a project to bring our creativity to life.  I was responsible for the full site launch, all branding and social roll out as well as all the in-store buying, merchandising and executing events for the space. It has been a lesson to expand the creative mind, making something tangible and partnering with another creative for a larger goal.

“ Curated for your home ( and you.) “


Feb 2016 to present

HER Society celebrates woman. HER is leading the conversation around female-hood. We are fostering authentic relationships, harboring meaningful connections, and educating our audience with unique media and forward thinking content. Our mission is to bring a diverse group of women around the world together in conversation. To have a place to be honest and open the minded and venerable. A place to debate and celebrate womanhood.  We join hands in advocacy and aim to be a resource for the modern identifying human.

“ A place to exploring the art of being female."


Jun 2009- present

Feeling fed up with modeling and retail, I realized I was looking for a place to pour my creative, intellectual mindset and skills into.  I decided to branch out on my own to start a next generation branding, social media and consulting small business.  I understood my client needs from a modern standpoint in today’s tricky digital world. My life, my unique path, my travel and my creative experiences have equally manifested into a unique understanding of  how to build and activate a modern brand.

“ Collaborate, Cultivate, Create”